Collection of Debts

Our law firm is providing services on debt collection in Belarus. This involves recovery of debts from legal entities and private entrepreneurs. We have a huge experience in recovery of debts in the most difficult situations. We help our clients to collect debts in Minsk and other regions of Belarus.

In debt collection we use the following methods:

  • A pre-trial period. We mail and call the debtor, meet with him personally.
  • Filing a legal suit. In this period legal actions are taken to ensure debt payment including property confiscation and the limitation of legal capacities to prevent debtors from undesirable action. Again collection is tricky even if you have a court decision in your hand, the attorney who handled your case will help you to collect your cash.
  • Informing the debtor’s partners and colleagues as well as professional and financial institutions about his insolvency.
  • A criminal suit for fraud, illegal borrowing or debt evasion is the final option.


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