On 31 December President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed directive No 4 “On the development of entrepreneurship and stimulating business activity in Belarus,” BelTA learnt from the presidential press service.

This is a program document aimed at promoting liberalization of the economy and encouraging business initiative, creating favorable conditions for dynamic and sustainable development of Belarus.

The directive contains nine sections, each of which focuses on removing unnecessary barriers in business.

The names of these sections are formulated as conceptual systemic requirements to all government bodies and organizations, public associations and citizens of the country:

1. Ensure further development of fair business competition regardless of the form of ownership of business entities.

2. Create conditions for smooth operation of business entities.

3. Remove unwarranted administrative barriers in cooperation between the government bodies and legal entities, citizens.

4. Complete the harmonization of the Belarusian tax system with those in the European countries. Mold the tax legislation to stimulate conscious fulfillment of tax obligations and boost business initiative.

5. Make the supervisory activity more preventive; use preventive measures as much as possible in order to prevent violations in business activities.

6. Improve the infrastructure and the small business financing system for prompting business activity and securing efficient (legal, organizing and financial) support to business.

7. Rule out unnecessary regulation of the labor market.

8. Form a legal base stimulating development of state-private partnership mechanisms in Belarus.

9. Secure unambiguous legal regulation and stability of the business legislation.


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